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Hello Fellas, did you just landed to our website Goats on Road and thinking where to start from? The website is all about people who love travelling or has a dream to travel, to the places which are yet to be discovered by self or unknown/unexplored. The same thing is applicable to food-something which we all die for!!

GOATS ON ROAD- The Digital Nomads

Goats on Road (GOR) is a digital platform that provides you the unexplored travel & Food Journey
In this age of Digital world, we are Digital Voyagers!! We will continue with our digital nomad life, and at the moment we are 100% content

Who are Goats?

The question might get aroused that why “Goats on Road”? Well, to which the answer is as simple as that the Goats never get tired of travelling from one corner to the another but with the hope of getting food (Grass..) which defines taste for them!!

Similarly each one of us is a Goat who loves never get tired of travelling and what if the good food that defines taste for us too is on the plate? Alas, that something we would love to call and Ice on the Cake!!

We are the architects of our own reality and we are here to inspire you to create a happier life for yourself. Happiness comes in many forms, but for us, we find joy through travelling and eye-opening experiences.

On this website we share our travel tips, earning methods, u nusual experiences, yummy food experiences, travel stories with you, with the hopes that we can inspire you!!

We are a group of vagabond people who just do nothing but explore the unexplored travel path, the most romantic and adventurous locations around the world.

The Goats on road is all about the authentic and true places we travel with the involvement of people along with some adventure which make the different parts of the world unique and special.

If you are the traveller or believe in searching the unknown/unusual things in the world then Goats on Road is the place for you.


We have different mediums to present the travel journey with different digital instruments!!

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So you’re going on a trip or having fun with friends or families in unique places or having a gala time at exploring street food items and you want to come back with a sweet video memory?

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